Best Products to Cure Bad Breath

Few things are as gross or embarrassing as bad breath.  

Worrying about how your breath smells can wreck your self-esteem. You may even be among the millions who fear that their breath will negatively affect their relationships. 

You’re sick and tired of avoiding people or hiding your mouth behind your hand. No matter what you try, nothing seems to fix the problem. 

Whether you have occasional bouts or a persistent problem with halitosis, you want a cure that works. The right dental products will help you regain your confidence around others. 

Here are the products rated among the top 10 best bad breath remedies. 


  1. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse – 33 oz.

Don’t just mask over the stench of unpleasant breath – get rid of it at its source with this antibacterial alcohol-free rinse. 

  1. BreathRx Daily Tongue Care Kit

Take a two-step approach to getting rid of bad-breath germs. Knock them out with this powerful but pleasant-tasting spray and then scrape them right off your tongue. 

  1. BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper 3pk

This tongue scraper is the perfect addition to an oral hygiene routine focused on freshening breath.  

  1. BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste – Enhanced Whitening

Did you know that bad breath starts with the bacteria in dental plaque? Brushing regularly with this breath-purifying toothpaste will let you freshen up while brightening your teeth. 

  1. BreathRx Starter Kit (4 items)

After brushing your teeth, spray and scrape your tongue then follow up with a refreshing rinse for the deepest clean possible. This kit makes it easy to clean your tongue and fight off halitosis. 

  1. CloSYS Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste 7 oz

Use CloSYS for a holistic approach to neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. It’s also a great toothpaste for buffing away stain while remaining gentle on dental restorations. 

  1. drTungs Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

Add a cleanable reusable tongue cleaner to your dental routine. Scraping your tongue is one of the best ways to physically remove bad breath germs. Make tongue-scraping a regular activity like tooth brushing, and you’ll keep your mouth healthy for years to come. 

  1. GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner

Clean your tongue just the way you like to with the help of this handy dual-headed tool. Alternately brush or scrape your tongue using just one device. 

  1. Spry Xylitol Chewing Gum – Spearmint – 30ct

Sometimes, you need fresh breath in a pinch. Chewing gum stimulates saliva flow which washes away bad breath-causing bacteria. The xylitol base in Spry Chewing Gum aids in killing off harmful germs. 

  1. Spry Xylitol Mints – Peppermint – 45ct

If you aren’t into chewing gum, some peppermints will also do the job. Spry Mints give your breath an instant icy blast of freshness and the xylitol will help out with keeping bacteria in check. 

Popping a sugar-free mint is just as good for encouraging saliva production as chewing gum is! 


Other Causes of Bad Breath to Think About 

What if despite your best efforts nothing seems to work? If a dental product isn’t doing the trick to enhance your breath, then it may be time to consider other possible causes. 

Chronic foul-smelling breath can be a symptom of health issues like: 

  • Respiratory trouble 
  • Gum disease 
  • Severe tooth decay or oral abscess 
  • Digestive problem such as GERD

Halitosis isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Bad breath can be offensive, but fixing it could mean more than just adjusting your personal hygiene. It may mean that it’s time to get a medical or dental checkup. 

Plan a visit to your dentist to find out what’s behind your frustrating cases of bad breath. You can also get more suggestions for the best bad breath products like those found right here at