5 Products You MUST Offer in Your Dental Practice and Why

It’s common for dentists and hygienists to recommend products to their patients while they’re sitting back for an exam or cleaning. But the truth is that most people — unless the product is placed right in their hands — aren’t going to immediately head for the store to pick up the product that they’ve been advised to get.

Whether it’s for oral hygiene or teeth whitening, the right products for patients make a big difference in their at-home care and overall dental health. Choosing to keep certain products in your office will help improve patient satisfaction and home care by eliminating an extra step (and trip into town) for them to make.

Here are some of the top products for patients that you should consider having on hand:


Waterpik Waterflosser

We all know how hard it is for encouraging oral hygiene and at home care for patients with gingivitis and periodontal disease. Recommending the use of a water flosser can significantly improve interproximal and subgingival plaque removal. But with so many models to choose from at the store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged to the point of not getting one at all.

Waterpik Waterflossers are some of the most trusted products for patients. Having a display model in your operatory makes oral hygiene instruction easy and improves the way your patients use the oral hygiene aid once they get home.

Choose a model like the Aquarius or Flosser for Kids, or choose to keep it simple with a cordless version. Waterpik now carries complete care models that include a sonic toothbrush with their water flossing system.


Shiro LED Teeth Whitening Kit


Preventing tooth sensitivity and discomfort during dental appointments is essential for retaining patients and improved patient loyalty. If sensitive teeth or demineralized enamel are a concern, it can be challenging to find whitening products for patients that don’t irritate their teeth. PrevDent offers a savvy product that’s fluoride-free yet still whitens smiles while virtually eliminating painful tooth sensitivity. It even contains Xylitol for added protection against cavities!


OraCoat XyliMelts for Dry Mouth


Xerostomia products can be challenging products for patients to find. Often times their over-the-counter selection is restricted to just a couple of items to choose from. But as a dentist, you know the dangers that dry mouth poses to your patient’s dental health and oral hygiene. Being able to provide them with a sample of something like XyliMelts lets them try a moisturizing product first, and then keep returning to your practice to pick up refills as needed (improving patient loyalty!)

XyliMelts are a type of oral-adhering disk that lasts for hours, reducing dry mouth symptoms including sore throat and tooth decay. During wear, each disc releases 550mg of xylitol, significantly working to decrease harmful bacteria.


Opalescence Go


Available in 10 or 15% hydrogen peroxide, Opalescence Go uses an adaptable “UltraFit” tray that allows your patients to get professional teeth whitening results without an in-office treatment or having impressions made. The easy to use design offers added convenience for on-the-go individuals, improving patient satisfaction with better results than over-the-counter strips and kits (but being just as easy to use.)

Each of the trays is made so that it can be conformed right to the teeth, getting the maximum exposure to the teeth whitening ingredients. Depending on which strength your patient chooses, wear time varies from 15-60 minutes per day. When your patients are able to essentially buy a professional version of the same things available in stores, without progressing into a professionally administered treatment, it offers a nice middle-of-the-road alternative to people who might not otherwise consider having their teeth whitened in your practice. Opalescence Go is the perfect upsell to add onto your recall appointments, Invisalign clients, teen patients, and people considering smile makeovers.


Oral-B Professional Gingivitis System


Looking for more of a comprehensive oral hygiene system for your patients? At home care with the Oral-B professional gingivitis system contains all of the at home care accessories your patients need, from an oscillating toothbrush to mouthwash and toothpaste. It also makes a great welcome gift for retaining patients that are new to your practice or have joined your in-house membership program! As you go through their at-home care plan, everything is available that your patient will need, rather than sending them to the grocery store with a list of half a dozen products to find on their own. The Oral-B toothbrush is even Bluetooth compatible, so that it can connect to the patient’s phone to monitor daily use as they aim to improve their gum health. A selection of different brush heads is included (including one for sensitive gums.)

Talk to a DentalStores to find out more about other types of at home care products and establishing your own online store that offers over 500 professional grade products to fits your specific practice needs.