Drink Red Wine? Then You Need This

Enjoying the great taste of Merlot after a long day’s work is a delightful way to kick back and relax once you get home? Or maybe you prefer to have a glass of Malbec with your steak at dinner?

Did you know that when consumed in moderation, red wine has several health benefits? For example, its antioxidant components are known to boost the immune system. Red wine increases bone density, reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It can also lower cholesterol, improve cognitive function and it promotes overall longevity.

But one of the most frustrating downfalls of occasionally enjoying a glass of red wine, is that it easily clings to the plaque on your teeth – causing unsightly stains. If left to settle, wine stained teeth are nearly impossible to get clean.


Battling Tooth Stain Caused by Red Wine


Lugging around a toothbrush and toothpaste to every restaurant that you visit is inconvenient, time-consuming, and messy to do. But now there’s a better option – so that the next time you’re on a big date – you don’t have to avoid that glass of red wine at dinner.

You may have noticed that there’s a wipe for everything these days.  Wipes for your face, wipes for your body, wipes for your…well, you know.  Now there are even Wine Wipes – for your wine stained teeth. This great product removes unattractive dark films that red wine leave behind.

You may have seen this product featured on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, and The Tonight Show. Well, due to their reliable results, Wine Wipes are here to stay.


How to Whiten Teeth Instantly


Wine Wipes combine convenience and genius – in one small package.  A mirrored compact holds 15 rigid, yet gentle teeth protecting wipes that remove wine stains with just one swipe. They’re great for on the go and are easy to use. The wipes even work on stained lips, and won’t affect the appearance of lipstick.

The orange blossom flavor gives a refreshing experience and compliments your wine by neutralizing your palate and not affecting the taste of your beverage.

The wipes are disposable – so when you’re done using one, just simply toss it in the trash and slide the designer metal case back into your small handbag or pocket.

When used during, or immediately following the consumption of red wine, Wine Wipes protects teeth from future staining.


Reliable Ingredients


Wine Wipes consists of a proprietary blend of ingredients that have stain-removing and teeth protecting power. They contain hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate, which are well known for their teeth whitening capabilities.  Other ingredients include glycerin, calcium, and potassium.

When using Wine Wipes, you may notice a slightly salty taste. Salt is a natural cleanser and in this product it’s used to help neutralize the palate. Wine Wipes developers worked with a sommelier (a wine professional) to ensure that the flavoring of the product did not interfere with the taste of your wine.

Wine Wipes are the all-natural equivalent of cleaning your teeth. If for any reason you’re concerned or experience any sort of sensitivity while using them, you should contact your dental professional.


Always There When You Need Them


Wine Wipes can easily be ordered through our online store.  And to make sure you never run out you should subscribe to a regular, automatic delivery to save 5%!

This product makes a very useful and versatile gift. Order several and toss some in this year’s Christmas stockings.  Give some as favors for a birthday or bridal party. You could even pair them with the next wine bottle you give as a gift.


Giving Back to The Community

For every compact that’s sold, the makers of Wine Wipes donate a portion of the proceeds to support safe water projects in developing countries. So go on and support a good cause while enjoying your glass of red wine and protecting yourself from wine stained teeth.  Buy your Wine Wipes today!