How Dental Savings Plans Effortlessly Attract New Patients

It’s no secret that exposing your uninsured patients to dental membership plans does wonders for case acceptance. What nobody talks about is how your plans attract new patients. Savings plans open new doors for your practice and provide you with a multitude of new resources for lead generation.

Here are 3 new markets you’re automatically tapping into when you offer dental savings plans:

1. Your neighbors: People in your area are already searching online for solutions. Now, YOU appear as a solution. Lack of insurance and high treatment costs are the two main reasons people avoid going to the dentist – but that doesn’t mean they’re not considering it. In the past, businesses depended primarily on traditional advertising methods to generate new leads. Today, direct mail and news bulletins alone won’t get you very far. Chances are, numerous patients in your area are scouring the internet for budget-friendly treatment options right this second. Offering a membership plan on your website is an easy way to engage them in their consideration stage and stand out from other practices in your area.

2. Your loyal patients’ social network: Subscription-based programs build loyalty – and loyal patients are more incentivized to make referrals. We’ve seen offices run referral contests or offer bonus programs to get new leads. These are great ways to build awareness, but on their own, they do little to attract patients who will stick around in the long term. Dental membership subscriptions encourage patients to build lasting relationships with your practice. Loyal patients aren’t making referrals to get a discount; they’re referring the people they care about to a provider they trust.

3. Your community at large: Because savings plans work to help others, your outreach opportunities are endless. Membership plans give your practice a positive image in your community. Consider your target audience and find the best way to reach them. For example, you can reach uninsured senior citizens by communicating with their caregivers. You can also partner with local specialists to create a system of mutual referrals. Sponsoring local events is a great way to promote your brand. And above all: leveraging social media gives you infinite reach.

Now that you know how membership plans attract new patients with minimal effort, let’s talk about how they increase treatment acceptance with existing patients.