Next Generation in Oral Care Uses Pro-Biotics To Naturally Fight Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Do you struggle with bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, or do you struggle with bad breath? Have you used a countless number of products to try and rid the problem, only to find that it’s still an issue?

Well, that’s because the problem lies deeper within our mouths. The state of our teeth and gums affects and is affected by our overall health.

Until now, probiotics have only been used to help support good digestive and immune health. The ProBiora3® product line, featuring ProBiora™Pro is the first probiotic tablet specifically designed for oral and dental care. It was developed and formulated from all-natural probiotics that work to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth. They not only support good gum and tooth health, but they also naturally whiten tooth enamel and eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath.


What Are Probiotics and ProBioraPro?


Probiotics are living microorganisms that are also known as “good bacteria,” they’re delivered into your body through foods or supplements. When consumed in moderation they ultimately contribute to your overall wellbeing.

When your dental hygienist cleans your teeth, the mouth is rid of all bacteria – both good and bad. Oral probiotics are the same as the good bacteria that are found in our mouth. They’re different from those used to promote a healthy gut.

Amongst all EvoraPro Probiotics products, The ProBioraPro have the highest concentrated blend of oral probiotics, called ProBiora3®. This formula, available as a dissolvable tablet, can help prolong the cleanliness of your mouth after having a cleaning from your dental professional. Daily use can help keep the good bacteria in, and the bad ones out.


Using ProBioraPro


Taking ProBioraPro at any time during with day will activate its probiotic powers, but taking it at bedtime is most effective!

If your oral care routine includes the use of mouthwash, then you should wait at least 30 minutes before taking ProBioraPro.

It’s so easy. Just take one tablet out of the container and pop it on your tongue. For the next few seconds, enjoy the mild mint flavor, as your saliva dissolves the tablet – activating the freeze-dried probiotic formula.

You should avoid having anything to eat or drink for 30 minutes after dissolving a ProBioraPro tablet in your mouth. This will be enough time for the good bacteria to adhere to the surfaces of the tooth and gum, and begin colonization.



Safe for Regular Use


The power of ProBioraPro starts to work immediately. Most people will notice whiter teeth and fresher breath after thirty days of constant use.

The tablets are even safe to use with sleeping aids and dental appliances like dentures, caps/crowns, veneers, bridges, and even braces.

There’s no need to worry about interactions with other supplements and medications because these oral probiotics aren’t known to have any form of drug interactions. But if you do regularly take any medication, you should consult your primary care physician before using ProBioraPro.


Where to Buy an Oral Probiotic


Many dentists have chosen to provide ProBioraPro in their office to help patients develop and maintain good gum and dental health. But there’s no need to even leave your home to purchase this product.  You can buy the same thing online at

Each box contains a 90-day supply of dissolvable tablets. You can even set up to have the product delivered automatically to your home on a regular basis, saving you 5% on every recurring order. To start combating the bad bacteria and promoting a healthy mouth and body – order yours today!