Tips for growing your practice with a dental savings plan

Having trouble getting new patients in the door? Perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong group! Over 50% of people in the US do not have any form of dental coverage, which is the primary reason for many of them to skip a visit to your office or accept treatment. In-house dental savings plans offer patients without insurance access to the same great care that might not be able to afford the out of pocket cost.

Marketing an in-house savings plan can increase new patient flow as well as increase case acceptance. If you’re considering setting up your own in-office plan, be sure to check your local laws and to have it reviewed by your attorney before rolling it out to patients.

Once you have the details of your plan tailored to your office’s needs, you’re going to want to consider how your office will track patients’ usage, billing and the overall health of your plan. One way of doing this is by setting up your plan in your practice management software. If your office uses Dentrix, here are some tips for getting your plan up and rolling.

Another way to service your plan by using specialize eCommerce software to do just this. DentalStores not only allows for you to create tailored home-care regimens but you can also service your savings plans all in one place! DentalStore takes care of your patients’ subscription on an annual or monthly basis (as your plan is set up). You can also track all of your patient’s usage and how much revenue your office is generating from your plan.

To learn more about servicing your savings plan with DentalStores, email – or call 800-SMILEOK-7.