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Best Products to Cure Bad Breath

Few things are as gross or embarrassing as bad breath.  

Worrying about how your breath smells can wreck your self-esteem. You may even be among the millions who fear that their breath will negatively affect their relationships. 

You’re sick and tired of avoiding people or hiding your mouth behind your hand. No matter what you try, nothing seems to fix the problem.  Continue reading

Tips for Marketing Your In-House Savings Plan

Are you looking to incorporate dental discount plans into your practice as an alternative for your patients looking for affordable dental coverage? More of today’s dentists are adding third party programs or developing their own dental discount plans to maximize production while keeping the cost of care as low as possible for their patients.

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Next Generation in Oral Care Uses Pro-Biotics To Naturally Fight Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Do you struggle with bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, or do you struggle with bad breath? Have you used a countless number of products to try and rid the problem, only to find that it’s still an issue?

Well, that’s because the problem lies deeper within our mouths. The state of our teeth and gums affects and is affected by our overall health. Continue reading