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5 Products You MUST Offer in Your Dental Practice and Why

It’s common for dentists and hygienists to recommend products to their patients while they’re sitting back for an exam or cleaning. But the truth is that most people — unless the product is placed right in their hands — aren’t going to immediately head for the store to pick up the product that they’ve been advised to get. Continue reading

Next Generation in Oral Care Uses Pro-Biotics To Naturally Fight Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Do you struggle with bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, or do you struggle with bad breath? Have you used a countless number of products to try and rid the problem, only to find that it’s still an issue?

Well, that’s because the problem lies deeper within our mouths. The state of our teeth and gums affects and is affected by our overall health. Continue reading

Gross Things That Can Hide in Your Toothbrush

When we brush our teeth it’s to clean them, right?  Our mouths have germs – there’s no surprise there – we all knew that already.  But, if your toothbrush goes in your mouth, then it’s going to get germs on it too, right.  Well, yes, of course. Have you ever stopped to think about how clean your toothbrush is? How long have you had your current one? Chances are that you’ve had it for a while, and it’s covered in microscopic grossness – that you’d be disgusted to know you’ve been putting in your mouth. Continue reading

Boosting Your Patients’ Home-Care Motivation

How do hygienists motivate patients to better their oral health? Motivation between recare appointments is one of the biggest factors affecting a person’s dental status, whether they’re managing minor gingivitis or have received recent treatment for aggressive periodontal disease. The patient motivation techniques you choose will play a long-term role in the future of each individual patient’s smile. Continue reading