5 Products You MUST Offer in Your Dental Practice and Why

It’s common for dentists and hygienists to recommend products to their patients while they’re sitting back for an exam or cleaning. But the truth is that most people — unless the product is placed right in their hands — aren’t going to immediately head for the store to pick up the product that they’ve been advised to get. Continue reading

How to Recover Lost Patients to Make More Money for your Dental Practice – Remind Them

We know how valuable customers are to our business of helping dentists sell dental products online. Your dental office is no different. We don’t want to lose any customers/patients because it takes a long time (not to mention lots of resources and effort) to develop that relationship.

Dental Offices have the same problem: Losing patients to inactivity is a big problem. But there is a solution from a company called Continue reading

Tips for growing your practice with a dental savings plan

Having trouble getting new patients in the door? Perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong group! Over 50% of people in the US do not have any form of dental coverage, which is the primary reason for many of them to skip a visit to your office or accept treatment. In-house dental savings plans offer patients without insurance access to the same great care that might not be able to afford the out of pocket cost. Continue reading

Next Generation in Oral Care Uses Pro-Biotics To Naturally Fight Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Do you struggle with bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, or do you struggle with bad breath? Have you used a countless number of products to try and rid the problem, only to find that it’s still an issue?

Well, that’s because the problem lies deeper within our mouths. The state of our teeth and gums affects and is affected by our overall health. Continue reading