Dental Membership Plans: When Love Becomes Loyalty

Loyalty programs have been around for decades. Every supermarket, gas station, drug store, and quite a few retailers have loyalty programs. You probably have a few (or many) of these cards disintegrating in your wallet. Two or three of them might actually see the light of day from time to time, but how much do they influence your buying process? Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Team

Let’s face it – happy employees will be more productive employees. But how do you motivate your front office and back office to work hard and help your business grow? Great news! Motivating your employees doesn’t have to take a ton of effort – in fact, it might just be a few minutes each day to say “hello”. However, note that with change may come some resistance from team members – which can mean a bigger problem. Continue reading

Most of Us Eat Our Chocolate Bunnies Ears First

With Easter coming up this weekend, researchers say there is a disturbing epidemic of rabbit auricular amputations. In layman’s terms – biting off the ears of our chocolate Easter bunnies.

Each year Americans spend over $18 B in Easter related expenses. A good portion of that goes to chocolate and candy filled baskets that will ultimately result in another cavity. In fact, 92% of Easter baskets included sugar packed treats for the kids – with 91M chocolate bunnies expecting to be sold this year alone! Continue reading