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27 Million Lost Insurance in Pandemic – In-House Membership Savings Plans are More Important than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the economy, setting off mass layoffs and upending lives and businesses across the country. By June 2020, it’s estimated that a staggering 27 million people will have lost health and dental insurance coverage.

The effects to dentistry were immediately seen – with a 70% drop in dental expenditures, as many offices were forced to close or see emergency patients only. But the long term effects are equally as alarming: it’s estimated that dental spending and utilization will go down by

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New CE Subscription Program for Dentists

The team at Dental Nachos has put together a cool new offering for Dentists – a subscription CE program called Dental Nachos Supreme Salsa.

It offers dental-focused CE & support delivered to members online and covers a broad range of topics including soft tissue grafting, restorative dentistry, oral surgery, endo, implants, practice management and more.

“We are introducing a program for dentists to SURVIVE and THRIVE in the real world! Together we can do something cool! Not regular people cool, but dentisting human cool!” – The Nachos Team

Live streamed online courses mean CE credits can be obtained any time – making it convenient for members. It also includes clinical CE courses as well.

Dental Nachos is a continuing education and professional development company for dental students and practicing dentists. Paul Goodman started the company as a Facebook Group and it has grown in popularity ever since.