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How to Recover Lost Patients to Make More Money for your Dental Practice – Remind Them

We know how valuable customers are to our business of helping dentists sell dental products online. Your dental office is no different. We don’t want to lose any customers/patients because it takes a long time (not to mention lots of resources and effort) to develop that relationship.

Dental Offices have the same problem: Losing patients to inactivity is a big problem. But there is a solution from a company called Continue reading

Ultimate Guide to In-House Dental Savings Plan Management Software Apps

Known as in-house Dental Savings Plans, or a variety of other terms, such as membership, dental clubs, VIP, loyalty or benefit plans. There are a number of providers that offer this service to dental practices, including ours. Most, if not all are based in the “cloud” and essentially deliver software as a service (SAAS).

But what are the features that you should look for? Who offers these services? Continue reading

Did you know your toothpaste can double as a silver cleaner?

cufflinks-blg-7If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and convenient way to clean silver, look no further than your bathroom! Many toothpastes contain mild cleaning agents and gentle abrasives making them very effective cleaners of tarnished silver.

Simply rub a small amount of toothpaste onto silver with a damp cloth (a soft toothbrush can be used for hard to reach areas). Continue to gently rub until the toothpaste begins to take on a grayish color and the silver is polished. Rinse the silver with water then dry with a soft clean cloth.

Don’t Toss the Floss from Your Daily Routine

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the medical benefits of flossing are unproven due to the insufficient amount of evidence provided by many studies.

While there may be little evidence to actually prove that flossing is effective, there is also little to disprove it and the majority of dental experts still agree that flossing is an essential and beneficial part of a healthy oral hygiene regimen.

In fact, the American Dental Association released a statement yesterday in which it states that:

“…interdental cleaners such as floss are an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums. Cleaning between teeth removes plaque that can lead to cavities or gum disease…”

Their statement also mentions that there are more than 500 species of bacteria that can be found in plaque buildup. Some of the bacteria are good, but the bad bacteria when combined with water, food debris, and other compounds can lead to disease in the gums and teeth.

Though the evidence to prove the effectiveness of flossing may be lacking, the experts still agree that you shouldn’t toss the floss from your daily routine.

For the ADA’s full statement visit: