Most of Us Eat Our Chocolate Bunnies Ears First

With Easter coming up this weekend, researchers say there is a disturbing epidemic of rabbit auricular amputations. In layman’s terms – biting off the ears of our chocolate Easter bunnies.

Each year Americans spend over $18 B in Easter related expenses. A good portion of that goes to chocolate and candy filled baskets that will ultimately result in another cavity. In fact, 92% of Easter baskets included sugar packed treats for the kids – with 91M chocolate bunnies expecting to be sold this year alone!

A new online study release that apparently 59% of us chocolate lovers will bite off the ears of these un-expecting bunnies first! Meanwhile only 4% say they prefer to start with the fluffy tail or little feet. How do you eat your chocolate bunnies?

Although the chocolate bunnies might not stand a chance this year, your teeth certainly can! Check out these tips for preventing cavities this Easter.

  1. Stick with Chocolate

Considering what to put in the kids’ baskets this year? Stick with chocolate and avoid sticky treats! Not only might they get stuck to your couch, but they can also stick to your kids’ teeth and break down the enamel.

  1. Don’t be a Grazer

Not only is picking at goodies all day terrible for your waistline but it’s also terrible for your teeth! By picking at treats all day the less likely you are to brush your teeth after snacking and sugar will stick around on your teeth.

  1. Rinse

Although it can be tempting to brush right after picking at some of the kids treats, it can actually do more harm than good. Your enamel is softer after eating something acidic. Quickly swishing a mouth full of water will help neutralize the pH of your mouth.

  1. Visit Your Dentist

After the Easter bunny is gone and the only evidence of all the sweets are the wrappers – it might be a good idea to make an appointment for the entire family to visit the dentist and check on your oral hygiene!