Checklist for Creating Your In-House Savings Plan

Considering offering your own in-house dental membership plan? Be sure to take a look at this checklist before going live!

Do you have bandwidth to add more patients to your practice and how may existing patients do you expect to join your plan?

  • Offering a dental savings plan opens your office to an under-served market – making dental care more affordable for those without insurance. With your plan you can attract new patients as well as increase case acceptance of existing FFS patients.

What types of plan will you offer & what will it cover?

  • Most plans cover preventative services including cleanings, the exams and necessary x-rays as well as additional discounts on other services to incentivize the closing of treatment plans. However, you may want to consider offering a second plan for patients with periodontal disease, as they require more frequent cleanings and more production time. You can even want to consider offering a child plan that comes at a lower price point that may also include fluoride treatments.

How much will your plan cost?

  • When pricing your plan, take into consideration demographic factors of the surrounding towns that your patients will be traveling from. Also, be sure to budget for the cost of the services that will be included in your plan.

What type of additional discounts will the plan include?

  • Most successful plans incentivize patients to move forward with treatment plans by offering discounts on other services, like restorative and cosmetic procedures. You can fluctuate the discount amount depending upon the type of service.

Will you offer discounts for family members or offer a family plan?

  • By offering a family plan, it will be easier to get more patients in the door at one fixed, affordable price.

How frequently will your patients have to pay? Monthly, Quarterly, Annually?

  • Monthly payment options are very attractive for consumers – however keep in mind that monthly plans do come with more overhead. Who will charge all the accounts every month? Will you keep credit cards on file? You may want to look into software that handles auto-renewals regardless of the frequency.

How will you administer your plan?

  • Who will be handling your auto-renewals? How will your office track the services your patients use? How will you keep account of how much revenue you’ve generated from your plan? You may want to consider using a third-party service to host your plan, like DentalStores. For more information on what a professional plan includes – read this.

How will you market your plan?

  • Before going live with your plan, you should take into consideration who this plan is for and who you plan and targeting. Defining this will make it easier to determine how and where you should market your plan. When promoting to existing patients, consider in-office signage, including details in your newsletter and even notifying inactive patients. For tips to market your plan – read this.

How will your patients enroll in the service?

  • Will this be a manual process where the patient needs to come in the office or fax forms? Or will your patient be able to purchase their plan online?

What are your long-term goals of the plan?

  • Do you plan on increasing patient flow? Reduce reliance on PPO? Boost case acceptance? Increase recall returns? Determine your goal(s) as you create your plan.

Have you reviewed current laws and regulations in your state? If any?

  • Some states may have limitations or regulations on dental savings plans. Be sure to look into this before making your plan available.


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