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This New Toothpaste Makes Your Teeth Glow – And That’s A Good Thing

When you brush your teeth, do you really concentrate on what you’re doing?  Many of us don’t.  Most people just go through the motions of brushing while thinking about other things in their busy lives – missing many places that are covered in plaque and bacteria. If you’ve ever used plaque disclosing tablets or plaque disclosing rinse during your dental checkup, you’ve seen the pink tinted residue of buildup that’s left behind.

Our teeth deserve more attention than we give them.  Neglecting your dental hygiene and having an excessive amount of plaque doesn’t only cause dingy looking teeth, bad breath, and cavities.  The problem is deeper than that. Plaque buildup is very dangerous for your health.


Brushing Boosts Your Health

Studies have shown that the bacteria from plaque biofilm can enter the bloodstream through our gums, leading to reduced blood flow, blood clots, a heart attack, and/or severe heart disease. Links have also been found between gum disease and the development of diabetes, and strokes. Now that’s something to think about.

In order to promote overall health, it’s important to be attentive to what you’re doing when you’re brushing your teeth, and make sure that everything is getting cleaned properly. To help you identify areas that need special attention, a revolutionary product has been developed that is changing the way people brush their teeth at home: Plaque HD.


A Toothpaste That SHOWS You Where the Plaque Is

Plaque HD Toothpaste is an anticavity fluoride toothpaste featuring Targetol Technology that helps you get better at brushing by highlighting the plaque on your teeth – so that you can be sure to eliminate all of it. Plaque HD Toothpaste is the first, and only of its kind. Until now, plaque identifying products have only been available through your dentist in the form of plaque disclosing tablets, or a plaque disclosing rinse.


How to Use Plaque HD

Starting with a dry mouth and toothbrush, simply brush your teeth with a small amount of Plaque HD. The disclosing toothpaste will identify plaque on your teeth by turning it green. So, when you see this, be sure to pay extra attention to these areas. Keep brushing until all the green/teal color disappears. This is how you’ll know when you’ve done a good job – and all traces of plaque have been removed.

Other Cool Features & Benefits:

Plaque HD Toothpaste consists of a gluten-free formula derived from all-natural ingredients and a plant-based plaque identifying agent. This makes it safe for the whole family to use! Even small children will love its vibrant color and great fresh mint flavor. Learning healthy brushing techniques has never been as fun and easy then with Plaque HD toothpaste.

The generous, 4.1-ounce size tube allows the product can be shared amongst everyone in the household if necessary. This unique disclosing toothpaste also contains fluoride which helps fight cavities and prevents cold sensitivity. Its formula is twice as effective as other leading toothpastes.

Results You Can Trust

With Plaque HD Toothpaste you can experience the professional strength of a disclosing toothpaste in the comfort of your own home. This product was developed by a dentist who wanted to provide his patients with a more effective way to remove plaque. So, he partnered with a leading team of chemists and created an effective, at-home solution for the whole family. They stand behind their product, offering a 30-day money back guarantee. But after using Plaque HD, you’ll quickly be satisfied and understand why over 10,00 dental offices are recommending this product.

Plaque HD Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste featuring Targetol Technology is conveniently sold in our online store and ships to your home for free. If you want a more effective way to clean your teeth, then order the only product of its kind today! You can get your by visiting