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Braces Care Gift Bundle
Braces Care Gift Bundle

Cool items for the braces wearer on your list!

Braces can be tricky to take care of sometimes, so why not make it easier for those trying to straighten their smiles?

The Butler GUM Orthodontic Kit is full of braces care essentials to help keep braces clean and teeth healthy. With an ortho-specific toothbrush, wax strips, floss and threaders, and Proxabrush there's not much else you'll need.

The GumChucks Starter Pack makes for faster, better, easier flossing with braces! The tip design safely and easily slides under the arch wire allowing users to quickly floss an entire set of brackets in record time.

OrthoDots CLEAR Orthodontic Protection are the #1 alternative to dental wax. They relieve irritation from braces and are extremely moldable, comfortable, and easy to apply. Their moisture activated technology means there is no need to dry brackets to apply and makes them safe to use while eating and drinking.

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers are quick, convenient, and easy to use. Their patented design lets them slip effortlessly under arch wires and between brackets so you can floss your entire mouth in less than two minutes.

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This bundle contains the following items:

1x GUM Orthodontic Kit - SKU 124K - $6.99
1x OrthoDots CLEAR Orthodontic Protection - 12ct - $4.99
1x Platypus Orthodontic Flosser - 30ct - $8.69
1x GumChucks Starter Pack - $7.95

Total of all individual items: $28.62
You save: $1.63


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