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Sisu 3D Mouthguard - Snow White
Sisu 3D Mouthguard - Snow White

The Sisu 3D mouth guard has a 2.0mm slim design to make talking, breathing, and drinking easier while wearing.

At just 2.0 mm thick, the Sisu 3D is thinner than a standard mouthguard and features a fast, custom, and remoldable fit.

The 3D mouthguard has variable material thickness to put protection where it is needed most and comfort where you want it.

Research suggests the taller you are, the larger your dental arch. And thus, a bigger mouthguard is required as height increases.

The Sisu 3D comes in one size and is recommended for those 5+ feet tall.

Features and benefits:

  • Thin 2.0 mm design
  • Makes talking, breathing, and drinking easier
  • Thinner and stronger than conventional mouthguards
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free
  • Pre-formed for a fast custom fit
  • Remoldable up to 20 times
  • Perfect for team sports
  • Compatible with braces
  • One size for users 5+ feet tall
  • Made in the USA

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